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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Video Blog

We have had a few spring-like days in Colorado, and it even smelled like spring! For me, this is always time for renewal, both on the Earth and in our lives. With the pandemic dragging on, everyone I know is excited to get outside for some socially safe get-togethers. Having that social connection is so important to secure attachment. In [...]

Diane’s Interview with Thomas Hübl – Collective Trauma: Healing the Unintegrated Past

Diane sat down with Thomas Hübl to discuss his new book, Healing Collective Trauma, and his perspective on healing collective trauma. Thomas joined us from Israel and shared his insightful and heartfelt experiences with treating collective trauma, particularly in Germany and Israel, but also worldwide. He shared his observations when healing in a group where the transmission of healing impacts every [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 from Dr. Diane Poole Heller

In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a friendship day as well as a day to honor your romantic partner. I really love that broader focus of Valentine’s Day. I think a meaningful focus for the holiday is looking at how we can enhance our ability to give and receive love. One beneficial thing is understanding your attachment style. If [...]

Slowing Down to Move Forward: Pacing and Dosing in Trauma Therapy

As therapists, when working with clients who grapple with trauma, whether it’s developmental trauma or shock trauma, avoiding retraumatization or emotional overwhelm, poses a challenge. Tempering Language in Therapy It can be tempting to allow clients to “vent” or proceed full-speed into re-enacting or reliving their most traumatic moments and the accompanying emotions. What we truly want to accomplish in [...]


The ACE Study and Developmental Trauma’s Impact on Shock Trauma

We understand through medical studies that certain health conditions, exposures, and lifestyle factors make us more susceptible to diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But what makes us more susceptible to shock trauma, an impaired connection in relationships or having less resiliency as adults? While trauma therapy is a growing field with varied treatment modalities, our [...]


Video Blog: Connecting with Your Future Self in 2021

We have all had plenty of time to reflect as we spent much of 2020 in isolation. I have heard so many of you say you’re really looking forward to 2021 and all of the possibilities it will bring. Our tradition is to set personal and professional goals each New Year, but what if we focused on connecting with our [...]

Pandemic Holiday Greetings

Happy holidays to all! No matter what you celebrate this time of year, it’s particularly challenging because we cannot gather in-person due to the pandemic and the need to stay safe. I want to remind you that you can still reach out, especially to friends and family who seem more introverted, as this isolation drags on. Even though we don’t [...]


Video Blog: Happy Thanksgiving from Diane

Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge that we are grateful for everything we have, especially the gift of life. The idea that our ancestors (parents) brought us into the world and that alone is a reason to honor them and be grateful aligns with the Family Constellation perspective. The Family Constellation is associated with the Zulu tradition in Africa. Zulus [...]

Video Blog: Gratitude for Our Veterans

Thank you to our veterans worldwide and honor them for the security they selflessly provide to our nations and here in the United States. Secure attachment means you feel protected and have a sense of safety in your everyday life. Please take a moment to pause in appreciation for those soldiers around the world who have contributed to our sense [...]


When Therapists Wear Bullet-Proof Vests: Interview with Andrea Battle

In this video interview, Diane talks to Andrea Battle, LPC, who works in tandem with the Houston Police Department in an innovative and collaborative partnership program, Critical Intervention Response Team (CIRT). CIRT is a co-responder program which partners a masters-level licensed clinician with a Houston CIT (crisis intervention team) officer who ride together in a patrol car and perform roll-call [...]

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