We have all had plenty of time to reflect as we spent much of 2020 in isolation. I have heard so many of you say you’re really looking forward to 2021 and all of the possibilities it will bring. Our tradition is to set personal and professional goals each New Year, but what if we focused on connecting with our future selves?

Connecting with Your Future Self in 2021

What do you want to manifest in 2021? Do you have goals for personal growth or reconnection?

My friend, Nancy Napier, says, “Say Yes to Your Future.” What does that mean to you, and how can you make such an essential connection? You can develop this relationship with your future self and the movement or the trajectory of your profession or personal goals.

Let’s try an exercise:

Close your eyes and invite the image of your future self and more in-depth knowledge of who you are becoming. What are your true desires when it comes to your purpose? As you ground yourself with your feet on the floor and your seat in the chair, what do you feel?

Often with change comes fear. Where do you feel the tension in your body or any constriction? Can you acknowledge that constriction and still work with it? Where does your body feel secure, warm, and grounded?

Take your time getting to know the deepest desires of your future self.

Here are some ideas to help you connect to your future self in 2021:

  • Journal to organize your ideas and impressions
  • Share with those who have earned it–those you trust
  • Center yourself to move toward secure attachment

In the New Year, how will you receive and give love and support to others? Are there new places you would like to visit?

If you are not sure of your attachment style, you can always take the free attachment quiz on my website.

In the meantime, you can also join in the conversation on my Facebook page and connect with others for ideas about connecting with your future self in 2021.