We have had a few spring-like days in Colorado, and it even smelled like spring! For me, this is always time for renewal, both on the Earth and in our lives. With the pandemic dragging on, everyone I know is excited to get outside for some socially safe get-togethers. Having that social connection is so important to secure attachment.

In the Therapy Attachment Circle, we are working with intergenerational trauma, which brings up thoughts of family traditions just before St. Patrick’s Day. For many people, St. Patrick’s Day is about parades and parties, but the Irish used to celebrate by wearing a small bouquet of shamrocks to wish luck to everyone they meet.

It’s so essential for us to heal our familial traumas where we can to break the cycle of inherited trauma. One way we can do that is by honoring the gifts of our parents and ancestors. What traditions do you have in your family of origin that creates warm feelings? What traditions would you like to let go of?

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Yours in Healing,