Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience (DARe)

Groundbreaking Somatic Adult Attachment workshops for therapists and healers of all sorts.

Learn essential skills to help your clients develop stronger and more Secure Attachment styles, resulting in more joyful and happy adult relationships. These inspiring workshops on Adult Attachment provide practical applications and strategies to confidently address your clients’ Attachment styles.

Created by Dr. Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D.
Brought to you by Trauma Solutions

DARe Module 1 – Healing Early Attachment Wounds

Learn effective methods of healing early wounds and trauma with body-based techniques, allowing clients to advance beyond their trauma experience.

DARe Module 2 – Creating Healthy Adult Relationships

Discover highly effective techniques to promote deeper connection, improved communication, and greater satisfaction in all adult relationships.

DARe Module 3 – Neurobiology of Loving Relationships

Discover this groundbreaking, science-based approach linking trauma, Attachment theory, and relational behavior with elements of neuroscience.

DARe Module 4 – Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics & Disorganized Attachment

Assist your most challenging clients resolve the power wound and overcome the entanglement between their attachment system and threat response.

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