What Is a Father?

Fathers play an impactful role. Ideally, they provide a container of safety and security for the entire family.

I learned a lot from my dad. I’m sure you could take a moment to reflect on how your dad has influenced you. My dad instilled a sense of service and helping my community. He was a kind of simple guy who walked his walk. My father was also a quiet man; he was not very boisterous but gave us strong values in my family. Dads often provide us with guidance. What kind of guidance or wisdom did you receive from your father?

What Kind of Father Do You Want to Be?

It’s lovely if dads and moms get together and create a family mission. What do you want highlighted in your family? Integrity, service, faith, honesty, fun, adventure? How can you bring that together and write a few sentences about what your family is really about? Happy, loving families do not happen by accident. It happens with intentionality. Can you spend the time to sit down and have a special family meeting where everyone has a voice? Maybe you can do it on vacation or do it on a camping trip. What is most important in your family? How do you want to relate to one another? What is your unified goal?

What Is Your Family Mission?

Many families put their time into service for their community or people in need. Your mission may be experience, adventure and resilience.

How do you want to spend your holidays? You can take time to think about the traditions you want to carry on or new ones you want to add.

There are all sorts of ways core values come into your family mission.

If you don’t have children, this may mean what you want for yourself and your partner. Or yourself and your closest friends, if you are single.

Finding a direction for whatever you call your family is essential. It gives you a mission and a goal that you achieve together. So, take a moment to check that out and determine what your unique family can do to make a more fulfilling life for every member involved.

Happy Father’s Day!


Dr. Diane Poole Heller