Toxic Shame: What It Is and What to Do about It

Shame is a popular topic these days, with educators and mental health professionals alerting us to the effects of toxic shame on our health and wellbeing. But identifying toxic shame and how it creeps into our lives and relationships—particularly our relationship with ourselves—can be quite tricky.  You may have heard about the effects of toxic shame [...]

Diane’s Interview with Thomas Hübl – Collective Trauma: Healing the Unintegrated Past

Diane sat down with Thomas Hübl to discuss his new book, Healing Collective Trauma, and his perspective on healing collective trauma. Thomas joined us from Israel and shared his insightful and heartfelt experiences with treating collective trauma, particularly in Germany and Israel, but also worldwide. He shared his observations when healing in a group where the transmission [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 from Dr. Diane Poole Heller

In Mexico, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a friendship day as well as a day to honor your romantic partner. I really love that broader focus of Valentine’s Day. I think a meaningful focus for the holiday is looking at how we can enhance our ability to give and receive love. One beneficial thing is understanding [...]

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