Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge that we are grateful for everything we have, especially the gift of life.

The idea that our ancestors (parents) brought us into the world and that alone is a reason to honor them and be grateful aligns with the Family Constellation perspective. The Family Constellation is associated with the Zulu tradition in Africa. Zulus appreciate the individual but also deeply recognize the group as much as each of its unique members. They honor their ancestors as part of their everyday life.

Is there someone cut off in your life? Can you imagine a way in which that person might become part of your life again? According to the Family Constellation perspective, if you can reach out, to repair with that person or family group, it can promote healing and a more fulfilling aliveness.

As we heal our traumas and relationships, positive memories begin to unfold, and we can then recognize fond moments with our ancestors, rather than just the negative ones. The brain often focuses on what is wrong with a relationship, but noticing the loving and kind moments unlocks greater joy.

This Thanksgiving, see if you can focus on emphasizing healing and reconnecting. I wish you all a happy and healthy celebration.