Spring is a time for renewal, but it might also be time to try something new for neuroplasticity. I like to call these Create-a-Days where you set aside time to engage in your interests, but you never seem to have time.

Create-a-Day could include new recipes, trying new art galleries, planting a garden for the first time. The important thing is to get you out of your comfort zone. You could include your family. Family adventure and play-zone time together can promote secure attachment. Lifelong learning promotes neuroplasticity and keeps your dendrites growing!

You could meet new people, and also find a new interest. When you include your partner, this can keep your attraction alive with new shared experiences. Learning to engage in co-regulation in joint attention can help you find new meaning in life together.

Try create-a-day this spring and celebrate renewal and birth as the flowers begin to bloom and our landscape awakens after the winter.