Happy Labor Day! We celebrate Labor Day in the US by appreciating workers and their commitment to their jobs and their contributions to society as a whole. What are your unique gifts and contributions?

Take a moment to think about it. How have you done well to make a difference? Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that in each other – think of your neighbors, friends, and other coworkers. It’s a wonderful focus to have.

Secure Attachment in the Workplace

Let’s consider what happens in the workplace with our attachment styles. With secure attachment, we hit the jackpot. We are comfortable working alone, in groups, and in small teams. We can move back and forth from solo work to collaboration.

Avoidant Attachment in the Workplace

Now let’s look at avoidant attachment. With avoidant attachment, we are so used to working by ourselves and might not always be the best team player. When groups or coworkers become distracted, emotional, upset, people with avoidant will isolate and do their project or work by themselves rather than engaging with uncomfortable behavior. The gift of the avoidantly attached worker is that they stay focused and get the job done.

Ambivalent Attachment in the Workplace

Next, let’s take a look at ambivalent/anxious attachment. Ambivalently attached people are sensitive to emotions and to what’s going on around them. Sometimes, that sensitivity can preoccupy them. It can distract them from getting the job done. Ambivalently attach people can learn to work together and self-regulate in uncomfortable situations.

Disorganized Attachment in the Workplace

Finally, let’s look at disorganized attachment. People with disorganized attachment feel threat and fear when trying to connect; relationships are dangerous. Too much stress in the workplace may cause them to dysregulate or dissociate. They need time to regulate, and they can come back into the workflow. People with disorganized attachment are good at bringing safety back into the work environment.

Creating a safe haven in the workplace supports risk-taking and creativity. How is this for you in your daily work, and how can you support others in the workplace environment?

I hope you have a happy Labor Day as we celebrate America’s workers.