Thank you to our veterans worldwide and honor them for the security they selflessly provide to our nations and here in the United States.

Secure attachment means you feel protected and have a sense of safety in your everyday life. Please take a moment to pause in appreciation for those soldiers around the world who have contributed to our sense of safety.

When you think about your life, who has protected you and made you feel safe – maybe it’s a parent, friend, teacher, therapist, or even your dog. Who has taken action to protect you in your life? Use this moment to take that in and feel it in your body. What does it feel like to know someone has your back?

Perhaps you didn’t have someone who fiercely protected you, and as a result, you have become a protector of others in your adult life. Acknowledge yourself for giving that protection and safety to others. Allow yourself to receive that feeling and know that you have contributed to the secure attachment of others.

Soldiers also protect each other, but sometimes they are unable to. Take a moment to acknowledge their resiliency and what challenges they must often overcome.

When we have secure attachment in our adult lives, it actually mitigates trauma, like PTSD, which is often associated with war. Are there ways that you can move toward more secure attachment? Are you able to feel deeply connected with those in your life and enjoy traditions and rituals with your loved ones? Secure attachment means you can self- and co-regulate. When you have conflict, can you easily move toward repair? These qualities are help mitigate PTSD. PTSD happens when you are exposed to overwhelming life events. But there are resources to get the help you need to live life more fully and with vibrance.

Horses for Heroes, run by Diane’s friends, Nancy De Santis and Rick Iannucci outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, provide equine therapy to veterans and their families to foster post-traumatic growth.

People like Rick and Nancy have dedicated their lives to serving those who have served their country.

Again, thank you to all of our veterans and their families. Today, we celebrate you and express our deepest gratitude.