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Five Fun (& Free!) Ways to Connect with Your Partner

Long-term romantic relationships often end up in the complacency lane on life’s highway. Connection remains important and steering your partnership back to an intimate place does not necessarily require a grand gesture such as an island vacation. Try one of these easy (and free) ways to reconnect with your beloved to restore that feeling of closeness. Sit at the Table [...]

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How Mistakes Can Help Your Child’s Development

Raising a perfect child is impossible – almost as impossible as being the perfect parent. Here is why your child’s mistakes are an essential part of their development. Parenting and Secure Attachment Secure Attachment depends upon both connection and time away from their caregiver. This ebb and flow develops resiliency and grit. If you notice when toddlers just learning to [...]


3 Tips for Greater Self-Love

It seems like a no-brainer – put yourself at the top of your own priorities. So, why does it seem like our own needs and desires slowly trickle back to the bottom of our daily tasks? It’s a common problem, especially among people who are natural givers. It is important to remember, however, that in order to be fully available [...]


Trauma Stops Time

If you have experienced trauma, you likely have an intimate understanding of this statement: “Trauma stops time.” Individuals who have experienced severely traumatic events will tell you this is true, though they may not have the ability to articulate how. The act of reliving a traumatic event on repeat keeps the mind, and often the body, stuck in constriction, hyper-vigilance, [...]

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Belonging and Attachment – Developing Empathy

Empathy for others can help us to develop a less exclusive form of belonging based on a positive, rather than negative, foundation. Negative Approach to Belonging Sometimes belonging develops because of having something negative in common – a common enemy, hating the same things, or having the same dislikes. In families with Insecure Attachment, members can often unite in their [...]

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Belonging and Attachment – Our Need to Belong

“ A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter.” - Karen Hall Ph.D. A Sense of Belonging Feeling belonging and acceptance can foster the ability to enjoy Secure Attachment in a safe and accepting environment. According to Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary, in their 1995 study, a sense of belonging develops under [...]

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3 Ways Attachment Injuries Undermine Your Life

Having an Attachment injury can feel like you’re lugging around a forty-pound weight everywhere you go. This may prevent you from fully enjoying life, or even cause you to make poor decisions regarding your future happiness. There is good news, however; we can heal our Attachment injuries in adulthood. Here are three ways that Attachment injuries can keep you from [...]

3 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Parent Despite Your Attachment Injury

We all want to be Super Parents and give our kids everything they need to ensure a successful future. This pressure you place on yourself can have a negative impact on your stress level, undermining your ultimate goal. If you have past trauma or Attachment injury, this can double the pressure to do everything right because you intimately understand how [...]

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4 Things You Need to Know about Adult Attachment

If you are seeking more information on adult Attachment Theory, here are four things you need to know. 1. There are four Attachment styles. Secure – Securely attached people find it easy to develop relationships with others and do not excessively worry about the status of those relationships. They are comfortable being dependable for others and depending on others for [...]