Introducing The Power of Attachment

PRACTICE: My Community Visualization Reassurance is important for all of us, but especially for those of us who are ambivalently attached. Keep this in mind if you have an important person in your life who lives with the ambivalent adaptation. Reassurance and staying in regular contact—through email, texts, or phone calls—calms an over-activated attachment system like [...]

The Power of Attachment Now Available for Pre-Order

How traumatic events can break our vital connections—and how to restore love, wholeness, and resiliency in your life. From our earliest years, we develop an attachment style that follows us through life, replaying in our daily emotional landscape, our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves. And in the wake of a traumatic event—such as a [...]

3 Reasons to Attend DARe Live Trainings This Summer

We scheduled three of our four DARe live trainings this summer, including DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds, the prerequisite for all other DARe trainings. These summer courses occur quickly in succession to make travel convenient for our participants. With the availability of DVD and online coursework, attending live trainings may seem unnecessary. Live trainings do, [...]

Valentine’s Day Video – Deepening Intimacy

Happy Valentine's Day! You can celebrate deepening intimacy and connection with your partner, children, colleagues, and friends on a deep level and learn how to sustain those important relationships in your life. Norman Doidge, MD, says the brain loves novelty and that this novelty is part of keeping romance and interest alive. I hope you find [...]

Calling All Therapists, Lovers, and Connection Seekers

Diane Poole Heller and three world-class couples therapists join together this spring to deliver the life-enriching information about the link between Attachment and neuroscience in our 4th Annual DARe to Connect Conference. This year, our subject is “THRIVE! Trauma, Attachment, and Neuroscience.” Diane Poole Heller, PhD Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT Terry Real, LICSW Pat Love, EdD, [...]

Stephen Porges on the vagus nerve

Hi, I am now in Brugge (Bruges), Belgium, enjoying a week off from my busy teaching schedule here in Europe – shopping, gawking at the gorgeous waterways slicing through this fascinating, historical town – but I could not miss reminding you about the upcoming weekly webinar appointment with the NICABM team this Wednesday, May 1st! This time [...]

Psychotherapy Networker Conference in Washington, DC

I am excited to let you know that I will be presenting at the upcoming Psychotherapy Networker Conference in Wash, DC  this March. The Somatic Experience Trauma Institute (SETI) asked that I do a half day workshop on Somatic Experience and Rich Simon, Editor,  was so generous to give us a whole day! I am so [...]

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