We all may know that we are neurobiologically designed for Secure Attachment but the critical question is: How do we help our clients return there if they did not hit the jackpot by starting out with it in the first place?

It is often said, it is much easier to learn a theory than to put one into practice. We might have read a lot of books on Attachment and have a good theoretical understanding. However, as therapists, how do we go beyond theory to become effective practitioners for our clients?

Take the opportunity to join my brilliant teacher, Patti Elledge (DARe 1, NY) or myself (DARe 4, Vancouver) and get equipped with tools to help you relearn Secure Attachment and open to real possibilities of healing and restoring the Authentic Self!

As an Owner of the Attachment Mastery Program, you get to attend any DARe1 program for 50% off. 

In these interactive workshops, you will have access to live demos, lectures, media presentations, and small group practices and exercises.

Patti will be teaching DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds (January 9-12, 2015 at Eileen Fisher’s Learning Lab, Irvington,NY). During this four-day workshop you will explore how to effectively target clinical applications and Corrective Experiences for each specific style to make lasting changes and you will learn how to:

–  Work with over-coupled dynamics between early childhood “family of origin” attachment patterns that play out in adult relationships.
–  Define the distinctions between Secure, Avoidant, Ambivalent, and Disorganized Attachment models.
–  Use Corrective Experiences to aid in resolving seemingly fixed attachment patterns.
–  Facilitate a return to healthy Secure Attachment that occurs as you repair and heal early bonding wounds.

~ Diane


Patti Elledge is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) who has used clinical application of neuroscience theory for 33 years. Patti has studied directly with Drs. Peter Levine, Raja Selvam, and Diane Poole Heller; she is a Senior Assistant, approved session provider, and case consultant throughout the 3-year SE training. Patti has a private practice in Asheville, NC where she provides support for persons of all ages.

I will be teaching DARe 4 – From Wound to Wellness: Excavating Core Intactness, Power & Resilience(Vancouver, Canada – January 9-11, 2015).

In this interactive workshop we will explore how body/mind-based therapy techniques, attachment theory, and a variety of spiritual practices and perspectives can be used together to effectively address abuse dynamics typically seen in the Disorganized attachment style. My particular specialty of working with Victim-Perpetrator dynamics will be covered, as well as a focus on ways to alleviate unnecessary suffering and reawaken your clients’ joy of living.

Register now for DARe 1 with Patti in NY or DARe 4 with me in Vancouver and receive a bonus gift (a $50 value) of an individual demo showing a case study treated with Somatic Attachment techniques, to be picked up on site at the workshop.