Trauma and Secure Attachment are like oil and water.

As Robert Jay Lifton says, “Trauma is broken connection.” The question at the heart of my work is how to repair broken connection. In my new CD set, Healing Your Attachment Wounds: How to Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships, I dive deep into my explorations and insights, the fruit of many decades of research and practice.

Here’s what I explore in the audiobook:

  • My secret to stopping the cycle of broken connection
  • How to identify your triggers and the ways you trigger others
  • Guided meditations to help you embody new ways of being with yourself and with your partner
  • Specific steps to undercut blame, restore empowerment, and enhance humor and playfulness.

Healing Your Attachment Wounds

This new audiobook, Healing Your Attachment Wounds gives you both an overview and step-by-step directions for the central dilemma of our existence: How do we restore our connection to ourselves, our connections to other people, and inoculate ourselves against the epidemic of loneliness that results from unresolved trauma?

In my search for answers, I began to look into Attachment theory and Attachment styles, mainly because that’s where our original “relational blueprint” starts. I wanted to explore the original pattern of Attachment as it happens in parent-child interactions and how these patterns are embodied, but are often unconscious.

Healthy relationships are not the result of mindfulness or affirmations. Unless we start out with Secure Attachment in early childhood, we will need to learn Secure Attachment skills as adults.

Developing Secure Attachment

Successful connection requires precise skills—the knowledge of the terrain from which you’ve come, where you are now, and where you are going. This CD set provides a detailed roadmap of all three vantage points. You’ll not only recognize your Attachment orientation, but also learn new ways to navigate relationships particularly suited to your Attachment style with the singular goal of crossing the bridge to Secure Attachment.

I don’t want you to learn merely how to manage your sense of isolation; I want to help you heal it at the root. That’s why I created this CD set. This was all information I needed to hear in my own life, and I believe you’ll feel the same way.

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Diane Poole Heller