When we come to understand early attachment styles in a healthy environment today, the original imprints that are the foundation of a self-protective ego structure can be healed so that our clients can be more in contact with their intrinsic core intactness and enjoy fulfilling relationships embodying their Authentic Self.  This comprehensive workshop embraces Body, Bonding and Being!

Unavailability, hostility, and lack of fulfillment from caregivers in the Avoidant attachment model can result in a feeling that relationship and intimacy are so difficult that we tend to stay on the sidelines…perhaps a major “disconnection” from relationships as a source of comfort in life. Expand intimacy with yourself, and others.

The “here today, gone tomorrow” Ambivalent type of bonding leads to continual frustration and insecurity in relating that may manifest as feeling incapable of ever being truly loved or lovable enough, with an over-focus on the “other” and an under-focus on the self. Often there can be a failure of developing object constancy, due to unpredictability in parenting. As we repair this, our clients can embody the psychological self as well as expand beyond object relations to enter better and more nourishing relationships.

When a parent is terrifying, the child may become so frightened and confused in relating that Disorganized attachment can result. This describes a conflict between two major biological drives that occurs when a child naturally looks for a safe attachment figure and finds instead too much fear, resulting in a need to protect oneself through the survival instincts to dis-attach. In healing “misuse of power” wounds we will work to develop the client’s return to personal empowermentfelt-sense of safety, and connection.

This material builds on the fundamentals of the one-day presentation “Healing Attachment Wounds and Embracing Secure Relationships”, to take a deeper look at how these dynamics play out in daily life. Through an array of engaging exercises you will learn experientially how these dynamics can be transcended, leading to greater freedom and intimacy in all adult relationships. Acquire more skills to serve your clients and your own growth by practicing specific strategies to support and nourish secure healthy attachment for all the Attachment Styles.

You will get to see this work in action through live and recorded demonstrations, as well as multimedia presentations. The skills you will learn are practical and real solutions that you can start using right away in your practice.