I believe that psychotherapy is going through an evolutionary upgrade. And although human beings have been working on healing in different ways for thousands of years, many recent discoveries and systems are helping us understand healing in a way that was never possible.

While the foundation of my work is primarily with Attachment and Trauma Resolution, it is exciting to find new and effective ways to advance the continual explosion of research and integrated therapy models into individual, family, and couples counseling. And feel strong mission to share this with those in helping profession.

Listen up as I walk you through pertinent details and speaker lineup for the conference:

The Attachment, Trauma and Intimacy Conference allows the opportunity to bring us together as a strong therapist community; to learn and grow as a Therapist Transformation Tribe. Ultimately it is all about helping our clients heal and recover.

Register by March 11th and save $100 off original price of $597.

We will have leaders in our field such as Richard Schwartz, PhD (Internal Family Systems); Maggie Phillips, PhD (expert on post-traumatic stress and Director of California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis); Ellyn Bader, PhD (Couples Institute); Jaci Hull (Hakomi Lead Trainer); John Howard (founder of Ready, Set, Love! and Couples Therapist); and, Dr. Amir Levine (Neuroscientist and author of Attached) – all experts who will help you integrate previous trainings in the field to increase your confidence and skill in applying mastery of Attachment, trauma resolution, and intimacy with your clients.

We look forward to seeing you during our three days together at the Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference in Boulder, Colorado Friday, April 8th through Sunday, April 10th 2016. Hope to see you there!