Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy this video.

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of our capacity to love. To ensure you’re getting and giving the greatest gourmet contact nutrition on this special day, remember:

  1. Be conscious of your voice: Choose and use a melodic and soothing voice.
  2. Incorporate touch: Touch is the way we communicate love, including foot rubs, back rubs, hair brushing or hand holding.
  3. Use kind eyes: Send your Beam Gleam to your partner to let them know they’re special to you. You can watch the Eye Gaze video here.

If you’re in a relationship, think about the different ways your partner adds to your life and enriches your experience. In the video, I also offer some unique ways to celebrate with your family or friends.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, so enjoy and appreciate your ability to give and receive love!