DARe stands for Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience, which is a series of four module-style trainings that address Attachment as it affects our lives and the lives of our clients. These trainings are available live, on DVD, and soon to be offered online.

DARe is designed to help us understand and heal our own Attachment wounds and help us assist in the healing of our clients. We welcome individuals, body workers, coaches, and therapists to participate. CEs are available for professionals and we offer a certificate program.

DARe 1 – Healing Early Attachment Wounds

We discuss early patterning in DARe 1, which includes how parents contribute to the development of Attachment in their children. Parents and care givers with unresolved trauma may not have a clear understanding of their own Attachment wounds, making them unavailable for consistent connection and Secure Attachment with their kids. This can lead to the development of Attachment adaptations in children.

In DARe 1, we discuss the family of origin and how Attachment develops. We provide a clear roadmap toward Secure Attachment through teaching, demos, experiential exercises, and Somatic techniques. This is useful for therapists and individuals in understanding how to analyze and repair Attachment adaptations.

DARe 2 – Healthy Adult Relationships

In DARe 2, we look at how Attachment adaptations affect our adult relationships and provide practical techniques to develop into Secure Attachment today, so you can enjoy better communication, a deeper connection, and more success in all of your adult relationships (or your clients’ relationships) – romantic, professional, family, and with your kids.

DARe 4 – Disorganized Attachment and Victim-Perpetrator Dynamics

In DARe 4, we focus on Disorganized Attachment and victim-perpetrator dynamics that may include traumatic experiences from childhood, intergenerational trauma, and traumatic experiences that lead to our most challenging Attachment adaptation in our personal lives and in the therapy we provide.

Avoidant Attachment in DARe Trainings

The goal of Secure Attachment – how do we help ourselves and our clients achieve this? We will discuss how to develop Secure Attachment and evolve out of the Avoidant adaptation.

What Is Secure Attachment?

  • Able to be present
  • Sense of playfulness
  • Accepting of comings and goings
  • Easy flow between connection and aloneness

How Therapists Can Help Provide Secure Attachment in Session

  • Prosody (tone of voice)
  • Kind eye gaze
  • Safe touch

What’s Coming Up This Summer?

DARe 1 – What happened in original Attachment? Perhaps parents were not fully available. Children internalize that into abandonment and being on their own. They learn the can only rely on the self and become overly independent, believing that they alone can satisfy and care for themselves. Avoidants in relationships often perpetuate renewed feelings of abandonment.

We teach you how to bring people back into contact and connection with specific corrective experiences.

DARe 2 – Focus on Adult Relationships

Avoidants often have some of these characteristics in relationship:

  • Can’t commit
  • Their own focus is all that counts
  • Escape into television or gaming to avoid connection
  • They have a lack of engagement with other
  • Fearful of connection

We demonstrate the possible ways to guide our clients toward Secure Attachment with practical experiential exercises and examples.

DARe 4 – Disorganized Attachment and Victim Perpetrator Dynamics

Disorganized Attachment can have an Avoidant quality.

This often occurs because of a scary parent causing the individual to dissociate and withdrawal. We will discuss how to identify Disorganized Attachment as well as ways to move toward Secure.

In this module, we will also discuss trauma and the repercussions of having a scary or violent experience that alters the ability to develop Secure Attachment.

Join us this summer:

DARe 1 – July 25th-27th 2017 in Boulder, CO (with Diane Poole Heller)

DARe 2 – July 29th– 31st 2017 in Boulder, CO (with Patti Elledge)

DARe 4 – August 2nd-4th 2017 in Boulder, CO (with Diane Poole Heller)

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