We are honored to welcome Bruce Ecker, MA LMFT, of the Coherence Psychology Institute as one of our upcoming expert speakers for the Therapy Mastermind Circle.

Neural Circuits and Memory Reconsolidation

Typically, the cause of symptoms of trauma lies within the emotional learnings of the implicit memory.

Implicit Memory – No awareness or language regarding the memory exists.

Explicit Memory – Once memory gains presence in awareness and language, it is felt emotionally and knowledge of a problem develops.

Memory reconsolidation occurs when we overwrite existing neural pathways by eliminating one part of emotional learning or conditioning and rewriting those pathways with new knowledge.

Lasting Transformational Change

Creating lasting transformational change consists of three main components:

Step One: Begin with the reactivation of emotional learning (implicit memory) of the underlying symptom. This occurs in the discovery phase of therapy. Recall the emotional reaction of the implicit memory and bring it to the client’s awareness.

Step Two: Create a contradictory experience to illustrate the juxtaposition of two beliefs that cannot both be true. This is also referred to as a mismatch experience or prediction error.

Step Three: Reinforce new learning experience to overwrite previous neural pathways. The juxtaposition unlocks (deconsolidates) the defining markers, creating integrated awareness. Repeat this process in day-to-day life until reconsolidation occurs.

How to Know if True Transformational Change Occurs

To determine if true transformational change has occurred, evaluate the client’s progress by tracking:

  • Symptom Cessation
  • Non-Reactivation
  • Effortless Permanence

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