Before and After Trauma

Anyone who has experienced trauma understands that life becomes divided into life before and life after the traumatic experience. A recent Modern Love article from the New York Times illustrated the dramatic impact that trauma has on one’s life – especially when ignored.

A study in Japan, which included MRIs of students before and after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami identified five areas of the brain that were altered in those students impacted most by the disaster. Since the brain develops throughout life, changes occur – positive and negative, intentional and incidental.

We can train the brain to restore function. Think about patients with traumatic brain injuries that learn to speak, write, and walk again. Rewiring the brain is possible throughout life with the proper guidance and professional expertise.

Emotional Implications of Trauma

Neuroscience explains the physical responses and healing process of the brain in relation to trauma, but the emotional implications often divide our lives into two parts – before and after. It is very much like two separate books in a series; they are part of the story as a whole but exist in two volumes.

Trauma changes us. What makes one person use a traumatic event to propel their lives forward, while others may find themselves stunted or part of a downward spiral? The level of stress at the time of the traumatic event can play a part in how trauma manifests as can the number of traumatic events that person has endured. Other factors can include resiliency, personality type, and Attachment.

Healing from Trauma

Securely Attached individuals with a solid support team and the ability to ask for help when needed are more likely to make a faster and more effective recovery than people with Attachment injury. Since we can develop Secure Attachment, recovery can begin at any time. We are fluid and changeable. We are designed to heal.

Ready to Learn More?

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