Many people have idealized misconceptions about having the perfect relationship. Perhaps, they think, having a partner in life will fill in the gaps and holes left by past trauma or Attachment injuries. What many people fail to realize is that the intimate relationship is often the place where these painful experiences become amplified and because your partner is at a loss of how to help, the relationship can begin to fail.

Attachment in Relationships – Mirror of Yourself

Conflict and miscommunication with partners often mirror deep injury and pain, making the relationship seem as if it falls short of your original expectations, which were likely unrealistic, to begin with.

This is naturally a generalization, as all relationships do not work this way, but Attachment injury does have a way of undermining even the most hopeful relationships, unless of course, you decide to take action to heal yourself and your relationship with your intimate partner. Unaddressed Attachment adaptations can make every relationship seem like an unhealthy cycle, though without support, it’s difficult to pinpoint why.

Healing Requires Work (and Help!)

Fortunately, we are designed to heal. Our brains can learn new ways of managing Attachment and trauma injury, but it’s difficult to know where to start. This is why our DARe 2: Creating Healthy Adult Relationships live program is so effective.

DARe stands for Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning Experience, and our series of four programs focus on healing Attachment wounds from childhood that impact our behavior in our adult relationships. DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds (available via DVD online) is the foundational course required before proceeding with the remaining courses. Find out how your relationship with caregivers during developmental years shapes your worldview and relationships today.

DARe 2: Creating Healthy Adult Relationships focuses on our interaction within all types of relational scenarios – work, family, intimate, and friendships.

  • Learn how to heal Attachment adaptations within your relationships
  • Connect more deeply with your partner
  • Reduce non-productive relationship patterns
  • Propagate successful and meaningful relationships

Initially, Diane Poole Heller, PhD developed the DARe programs to help therapists heal their own Attachment wounds and assist their clients faster and more effectively, but interest from everyday people, healers, and coaches helped us see that everyone can benefit from this groundbreaking knowledge.

Join Us This Summer

We are offering DARe 2: Creating Healthy Adult Relationships July 20-22 in Boulder Colorado and DARe 4: From Wound to Wellness: Victim/Perpetrator Dynamics and Disorganized Attachment in Boulder, Colorado July 24-26, 2018for an immersive experienced designed to help everyone enjoy a more satisfying life and greater satisfaction in relationships.