In the Digital Age, the search for information and tools for self-healing have opened the door for people to improve their own lives and wellbeing independent of formal assistance.

While nothing can replace the relationship between the individual and therapist, many people feel more comfortable researching and taking the first steps on their own.

Acknowledging Attachment Injury

For most people, recognizing Attachment injury opens the door of self-discovery. Attachment theory is gaining recognition among couples and parents wishing to improve their lives and relationships. Many people have Attachment injury resulting in Attachment adaptations. Acknowledging that these Attachment wounds have a source, and that we are wired for Secure Attachment, offers hope and meaning in the quest for Secure Attachment.

Recognizing Attachment Wounds and Adaptations

In relational experiences, is it possible for you to identify when your Attachment adaptation hijacks your behavior? Acknowledging the injury and its origin gives individuals a reason for previously unexplained behaviors. Often, simply having a name – Avoidant, Ambivalent, Secure, or Disorganized empowers growth and change. Attachment adaptations develop as a mode of survival during childhood and traumatic experiences.

Practicing Secure Attachment

Is it possible to develop Secure Attachment? Absolutely! Practicing Secure Attachment behaviors can form new neural pathways in the brain. Our brains are resilient and can learn new behaviors – even when they first feel uncomfortable or foreign.

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., discusses many experiential exercises and repair techniques to bring us closer to Secure Attachment in her new Sounds True audiobook called, Healing Your Attachment Wounds. This audiobook addresses many of the Attachment-related challenges we face in our most intimate relationships and how we can create deep and lasting relationships by implementing Attachment-based practices into how we relate to those closest to us.

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