Topics Include:

  • Babies are Sentient, far more intelligent and impressionable than modern medicine seems to believe
  • The Birth experience is a template for lifelong autonomic nervous system resiliency
  • Baby is a hitchhiker on mom’s autonomic nervous system: tend to moms effectively and babies will respond
  • Use the two-chair method to communicate with Babies
  • Archetypal Yin and Yang (mom as nurturer, dad as protector) can create the secure energy field that Babies need most
  • Optimizing the newly-discovered social branch of the autonomic nervous system is a key to lifelong health
  • Use self-care methods to regulate your own autonomic nervous system
  • We are programmed for relationship, so conscious focus on relationship dynamics is central to our well-being

John Chitty is the author of Dancing with Yin and Yang and co-founder of Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder, Colorado.  He is also co-author of the book Energy Exercises and numerous other articles. He served five terms as President of the American Polarity Therapy Association; additional teaching segments may be viewed in the YouTube channel ColoradoEnergySchool and their web site.   To order John’s book Dancing with Yin and Yang click here.

Excerpt from Dancing with Yin and Yang
Chapter 6 The Autonomic Nervous System

A true revolution is unfolding in health care with the rise of a more accurate understanding of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and comprehension of its significance. The NS was under-appreciated in psychology’s early history.
Now we can say with certainty that most health problems, including psychological conditions, are linked to ANS functions. Understanding the ANS is crucial to clinical effectiveness because the ANS and its “survival imperative” form the substrate for most human behaviors. According to author and therapist Franklyn Sills, the autonomic nervous system is pivotal in the regulation of survival functions. Its importance cannot be overstated. The entire field of post-traumatic stress disorder certainly falls in its scope, along with most degenerative diseases, all stress-related situations, autoimmune diseases, and many others.

In 1948, Stone was far ahead of his time in emphasizing specific methods for balancing the autonomic nervous system, as well as his understanding of the difference between voluntary and involuntary function.

No relaxation of the voluntary nervous system and muscles can take place as long as the involuntary ones are locked and tense… Merely telling the patient to relax is useless. Tension usually goes much deeper than the voluntary muscular control.

The ANS controls most of the body’s involuntary activity, including the essential survival functions including circulation, respiration, digestion, metabolism, daytime alertness and mobilization, nighttime sleep and regeneration, and more. In addition, the ANS operates our stress responses, such as ”fight-or-flight” as well as “freeze.” The ANS has the goal of assuring survival, achieved through constant adaptation to changing conditions. This biological imperative is too important to be left to chance or voluntary control; the ANS is the hard-wired, fail-safe mechanism to avoid disaster.












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