I am inviting to you to my unique event that I am teaching this summer, DARe to Connect, Integrating Attachment into your Practice in beautiful Beaver Creek, Colorado this summer on July 26 and 27.  We have a few spots available so I wanted to make this available to you. 
If you are anything like myself you’ll know that learning needs to be multi-dimensional – especially if you are in the business of facilitating transformation and healing. 
Watching thousands of my students over three decades I see that studying (books, lectures, slide presentations, etc.) is critical, but rarely does it create true mastery or confidence.  To some degree, it’s like reading a ton of books on Tango – it might make you a decent lecturer, but your skills won’t be much improved on the dance floor.
Don’t get me wrong, I love studying. The FedEx truck is practically parked in my driveway because of my appetite for books. But information is not enough.


What I have noticed is missing in many training curriculums is a focus on practical, clinical application – that includes live demonstrations, case studies, and coaching on specific clients’ issues, so the participants can actually experience the work first-hand. 
This orientation has made significant difference with my students, helping them bridge the gap between Attachment theory and the wisdom and confidence to apply this valuable tool with their clients. They have tasted the medicine and know without a doubt it works, and they know how to use it. 
As in Tango, you need to know the moves; you need to see what it looks like when it’s “done right,” and then practice (…and practice, and practice) to get feedback. 
With that in mind, I wanted to invite you to a special and unique event this summer – DARe to Connect, Integrating Attachment into your Practice in Colorado July 27-28.
I have been inspired by my students’ many requests to have a training that really focuses on the practical integration of the Attachment Model – bringing the brilliance of this work into our sessions with clients.
The teaching will, of course, be supported by live demos and client case studies. I am also inviting you to submit your own case study from your own practice.  My “dream team” of trainers will also be there, and they will be available over the weekend for consults and to give individual advice and feedback. 
Now here’s the catch – this program is only opened to those who have either attended a live DARe 1 Workshop or participated in my Attachment Mastery online course.

So how can you qualify for this workshop?  

I am offering a special package that will provide you the opportunity to get my popular DARe 1 DVD Set – Healing Early Attachment Wounds at an extraordinarily low price, fulfills the prerequisite to attend this rare live event (I am only teaching one other program in North America in 2014). You will be able to study the material at your own pace prior to the July workshop, and you can also study it with a colleague to make it more fun, maximize your understanding of the theory and practices, and save additional money.  


You can join us in the DARe to Connect Weekend in Beaver Creek this July, plus get the DARe 1 DVDs delivered to you for only $446; and if you would like to bring a friend, the cost of the package will be just $743 (for the two of you).  Just as comparison, the fees for my DARe 1 workshop alone are $775 and the DVD set is normally $205 with shipping. Please note: this special rate expires June 15th. Can you tell I am trying to give you every opportunity to join me this year?

So hope to see you in the Mountains of Beaver Creek this summer. Click here for more information and to meet our special guests.  


Diane P. Heller

P.S.  The DARe to Connect event will be held at The Charter at Beaver Creek and Borders Lodge— one of the most
beautiful spots in the world!  We secured a fantastic group discount with rooms starting at $119. Since the number of rooms available at this rate are limited, we encourage you to book your stay as soon as possible. For all the details and to register for the event, click here.

P.S.S.  The reception in my suite starts at 6:30 p.m. on July 25th