It’s a time of high anxiety and uncertainty that can begin to feel pretty grim. Sometimes, taking time to disconnect from the media and sit in the sun or spend some time away from digital contact can be as important as reaching out to one another.

As always, your emotional well-being can impact your immune system, so if you need some good news to focus on, read on. And if you have something to add to the list, visit us on Facebook to share your good news story.

#1 Communities Looking after One Another

Unless you live in a rural area, you probably have some across-the-street or over-the-fence contact with your neighbors. Chances are that when you see each other, you check in on each other and shouting a greeting, “If you need anything, let me know!” It’s amazing how difficult times can bring people together. And keeping your distance doesn’t mean losing touch.

If you belong to Nextdoor or Facebook community groups, you will find stories about people leaving hand sanitizer and disinfectants outside for the US postal workers and delivery drivers to help keep them safe.

Many communities are holding drives for medical supplies to help out the over-stressed healthcare system.

#2 Reduced Carbon Emissions

Because countless countries around the globe have had shelter in place orders, carbon emissions across the planet have dropped substantially. You can see the measurements over China, which are substantial.

#3 Many Businesses Offering Free Delivery or Curbside Pickup

One way we can keep one another safe is by going out less. Many grocery stores, local restaurants, shops, and other businesses are offering either delivery services or curbside pickup for online orders.

Therapists, support groups, yoga studios, and interest groups offer online or teleconferencing support.

Many grocery stores are providing hours in the morning for senior shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe symptoms of the coronavirus to keep them safe from general public contact.

#4 Using New Business Innovations to Meet Demands

Distilleries are making hand sanitizers, and manufacturers are altering their businesses to meet the needs of the growing supply from the healthcare system. Some businesses are using 3-D printing to make face shields, using manufacturing to make face masks and ventilators, and companies are quickly developing a rapid test with a 45-minute turnaround for results.

#5 Countries Experiencing Early Outbreaks Are Now Beginning to Recover

China, South Korea, and Taiwan implemented dramatic responses to the coronavirus, and their countries are beginning to come back online as the peak of the virus starts to subside.

#6 Your Favorite Musician Might Be Holding Free Online Concerts

Check out Instagram or Facebook for your favorite musicians. Many of them are holding free concerts in their jammies to lift the mood and raise the spirits while we all spend a lot more time alone and inside.

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