Most of us who decide to dedicate our career lives to a “helping profession” such as therapy, counseling, coaching, massage, energy work, yoga instruction, or Somatic Experiencing do so with the intention of supporting others in achieving contentment and deeply satisfying lives.

Unfortunately, we may also sacrifice our own wellness and lose ourselves as our growing passion for supporting others takes over.

At an innate level, you are probably aware that you provide the best service to others when you take the best care of yourself. This poses a real challenge, especially when beginning and building your own practice. Marketing, social media presence, networking, education, and scheduling can all chip away at your personal time and before you know it, your needs are buried under the weight of making your career work.

Here Are 5 Tips to Improve Self Care

Tip #1 Create Work-Home Boundaries

At the end of your day, it is easy to entertain constant interruptions coming from the deceptively friendly chimes on your smartphone. Instead, place a full stop at the end of your workday in order to be fully present for yourself and the loved ones who surround you. You have earned your alone time and your family time.

Tip #2 Refill Your Own Cup

What do you enjoy? How often do you spend time playing music, creating art, or simply walking your dogs? These behaviors refill your energy and remind you why you work all day. Make an agreement with yourself to spend time each day doing something you enjoy (other than work).

Tip #3 Improve Restorative Sleep Habits

Don’t get into bed and stare at your phone, which disrupts healthy sleep patterns. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep by reducing stimulation for 1-2 hours before bed.

Instead, wrap your arms around your partner for nourishing connection, read to the kids, or read to yourself. This is also a great time to meditate or pray.

Tip #4 Move Your Body Every Day

Exercise does not have to be drudgery, but it does take time. You probably know the benefits of fresh air, warm sunshine, and the smell of sun-warmed pine needles. The Japanese call this shinrin-yoku, or forest bath. Nature is incredibly healing. Even if you live in the city, the sound of chirping birds and the afternoon breeze refreshes the soul and clears the mind.

Tip #5 Talk to Your Therapist or Coach

If you are a therapist or coach, you deeply understand the need for most of us to employ a therapist or coach. Make sure you keep your therapy or coaching sessions even though you provide the same service to others. This cleans the cobwebs out of your attic, making space for growth and connection.

Find More Resources in Our Tribe

Did you know that we have a tribe of individuals, seekers, therapists, and coaches? We regularly gather online and in-person to learn, improve, and hone our personal and professional skills. We enthusiastically welcome you to join us.

In the meantime, take care of you.