While each person is different, those with Attachment injury may embody certain challenges. Avoidant, Ambivalent, Disorganized, and Secure Attachment likely have different histories and work with relationship differently in their adult lives.

Healthy, Secure Attachment is within reach. Gaining in-depth knowledge about working with each Attachment styles can elevate your private practice and your personal life.

#1 Understand the Attachment Injury in Order to Heal

By working with clients’ Attachment origins, you can often help them gain momentum in the healing process through an intimate understanding of why the injury exists and how to work with each style to move in the direction of Secure.

#2 Gain a Winning Reputation for Success

Rather than feeling at a loss on how to help your clients who suffered from severe trauma or Attachment injury, gain specific evidence-based techniques to help clients take the necessary steps to achieve deeply fulfilling relationships and peace within that they may have never enjoyed in the past.

#3 Speak to Your Clients in Their Secret Language

Learn the language of your clients’ Attachment styles and gain their trust through a deep understanding of how Attachment works and how to use language to communicate to their Attachment style.

#4 Work More Effectively with Couples and Singles

Teach couples how to speak to one another effectively, efficiently, and to the heart mindfully with one another’s Attachment style in mind. This can reduce suffering and habitual dissatisfaction within relationships.

Give singles relationship skills to succeed in the future through an intimate understanding of themselves and their own Attachment styles. Guide them through the murky waters of expressing need, boundary rupture, and trust.

#5 Gain a Deep Understanding of How Help Clients Move into Secure Attachment

When you have a solid understanding of the Attachment styles, get ready to move to the next level with expert teachings, examples, exercises, demos, and discussions designed just for therapists for use in practice and in personal relationships.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Therapy Practice?

The greatest service you can provide to clients is to continually seek additional training and techniques to help them move toward Secure Attachment, happier relationships, deeper connection, and ever-elusive contentment within.

Let’s change connect the world together!