It seems like a no-brainer – put yourself at the top of your own priorities. So, why does it seem like our own needs and desires slowly trickle back to the bottom of our daily tasks? It’s a common problem, especially among people who are natural givers. It is important to remember, however, that in order to be fully available for others, we need to be in our own best space.

Here are 3 Tips to Improve Self-Love

Give Yourself a Break

Look, no one is perfect. That includes you. Striving for success, improvement, and feeling competitive are all part of human nature. The key word is striving. Perfection is not only impossible, but it would mean the end of personal growth.

We make mistakes in relationships, parenting, and professionally. It’s inevitable. Trying to avoid mistakes hinders the lessons we need to enhance our future selves. Since mistakes are bound to happen, give yourself a break and learn what you can.

Another aspect of giving yourself a break is the ability to say no. We live in a world of expectations, but we only have 24 hours in each day. Setting priorities, like exercise, quality time, and family bonding will help you keep those things that are most important at the forefront.

Practice Self-Care

The kids are clean. You’ve tended to the house and errands. Work is finally under control. What’s next?

How about taking a little time to tend to yourself and your own body. This might mean an extra long bath, an overdue haircut, or 15 minutes of meditation you’ve been meaning to do.

Replacing time is not an option, but conserving it is. Try limiting social media interactions or online browsing and opt for time for you-time instead.

Express Gratitude for Your Body and Mind

You might not have the perfect body. Few people do. Yet, each morning, you rise from bed with a beating heart, breathing lungs, and blinking eyes. This is a miracle considering how neglectful we can sometimes be toward our own bodies. Be grateful for your body and all of its resilience and cooperation.

A weary mind plagues the best of us. When your mind feels tired, worn-down, or simply refuses to concentrate, it is your brain begging for a break. Enjoy rest with the same relish that you attack your to-do list and thank your mind for the gentle reminder that you deserve to unwind.

Join Other Like-Minded People

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