Embodying Compassion. 
It all starts with love and compassion. The best therapists deeply empathize with their clients. They also have much self-love for their own history and self journey.

The Discipline to Do What You Do Best. 
Those who rise to the top of any field, often focus on a specific type of work or specialty they are passionate about. Our field has so many incredible teachers and often they have a specific area of expertise. These experts help you open up to new ways of thinking so you can develop your own unique approach that is yours.

Enhancing Emotional Stability and Self Awareness.
 For many therapists there is a clear, defining reason we all have chosen to be in this field. The most successful therapists continue to do inner work” and frequently this leads to greater sensitivity in sessions and form many spiritual openings and breakthroughs.

Setting Clear Boundaries.
 At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much we are cheering for our clients’ happiness –it’s ultimately up to them to change. Our role is to show them a clear path, making what is invisible become visible–bringing what is in the shadows into the light. They have to be ready. We also have to not attach ourselves to the outcome but rather do our very best to set the conditions so that the result arises naturally.

Commitment to Ongoing Learning and Mastery.
 The best therapists have a deep yearning for knowledge. They study for CEs, and also have a life-long commitment to understanding themselves and their clients at the deepest level.

We live in an amazing time with the intersection of areas such as neuroscience, mindfulness, and spirituality that are forging new frontiers in our profession! This requires us to be committed to regular study and commitment to working toward higher levels of mastery.

Mastering the Moves – Building Reference Cases and Studies.
 You have studied multiple therapy disciplines to widen your perspective and can bring these different perspectives and techniques depending on the circumstance. Those that I speak to have a library of case examples in their minds built first by closely observing the pros, then practicing tirelessly and integrate it until it is in their own bones. You never know who is going to show up and the more exposure and experience you have in all situations, the better (especially in more difficult cases). This is a main feature of the upcoming Mastermind Circle.

Holding Presence.
 Presence is that state of being where you can remain self-aware and grounded even when you hear the most tragic stories from your clients. It is from this loving presence that the best therapists help their clients navigate back to their health and find truth. I believe that the greatest therapists in the world are able to do this skillfully and also that it is a silent and important skill that can be developed over time through experiences and practices such as meditation and mindfulness.

Building Ongoing Support and Networks.
 We all need community to refuel and recharge. Being a therapist is so much better when you have colleagues to share stories and who speak our language. In our connected world, you can fly to events and easily connect online. This is why I personally go to live events and it is a major feature of the Therapy Mastermind Circle, our Private Facebook Group for members only, live calls and this year, we added an additional live event in Boulder.

What things have you done in your daily practice that you feel has been a contributing factor of your success? Please tell us below!