Rather than making the same short-lived resolutions in 2017, let’s focus on what we all really want: greater happiness!

Benjamin Franklin, at age twenty, came up with a plan to improve himself by practicing 13 virtues and gave himself a score at the end of the day to hold himself accountable.

They say it takes 11 weeks (77 days) to solidify a new habit and make it an unconscious part of your routine, but why not make happiness your 2017 year-long goal?

Focus on What You Want to Improve

  • What is important to you?
  • How can you develop it?
  • What new habits can you focus on?

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

New York Times Bestseller Gretchen Rubin appeared recently on Oprah SuperSoul Sunday to discuss The Happiness Project and how she used it to improve her already amazing life.

We lead such busy lives that we often do not stop to ask ourselves what would make us happier. We get distracted, forget to feel grateful, and we rarely pay attention to the elements of our own happiness.

Adopt New Behaviors to Become Happier

Some of Gretchen’s new behaviors included:

  • Be Gretchen (be yourself)
  • Let it go (grudges, anger etc.)
  • Act the way you want to feel
  • Be polite and be fair
  • Stop keeping score
  • Stop arguing with herself (about whether or not to exercise, for example)

Perhaps you can create a plan for 2017 that includes an opportunity from month-to-month to develop even more happiness and translate it into practical action items.

What Are 12 Areas of Focus for You?

Consider actions that can:

  • Bring deeper meaning to life
  • Create more happiness
  • Make a meaningful difference in your life
  • Increase intimacy

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As a special New Year’s gift, please enjoy this beautiful song by Dayna River from Boulder, CO about openness, self-compassion, and vulnerability.

Click the image of the album cover to hear this beautiful song and feel free to share with friends.

Heart Is Wide Open

Dayna River – Heart Is Wide Open