We scheduled three of our four DARe live trainings this summer, including DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds, the prerequisite for all other DARe trainings. These summer courses occur quickly in succession to make travel convenient for our participants.

With the availability of DVD and online coursework, attending live trainings may seem unnecessary. Live trainings do, however, boast many benefits over individual coursework.

#1 Increased Capacity for Recall

Because of the live training environment, many participants report improved recall of essential points and exercises presented in a live setting. Live demos, practices, and central aspects of Attachment Theory will be presented during each three-day event. While these are planned in advance, the nature of live trainings ensures that the examples and participants are brand new.

Due to the nature of live trainings, we create a safe and accepting environment for every participant. This makes the process of sharing experiences around Attachment injury invaluable to the individuals and therapists we serve. Our instructors are all well equipped to engage the room and encourage active participation.

#2 Engages the Mastermind

When we work together, the results are more significant than those we produce for ourselves. We gain a deeper understanding of the various ways that Attachment adaptations can impact adult life, especially when working toward healthy adult relationships and healing lifelong Attachment injury for ourselves and our clients.

As we share our individual experiences, the impact of Attachment injury and the path to healing becomes multi-dimensional due to the wide-ranging experiences we share during live trainings.

#3 Real-Time Question and Answer Sessions

Perhaps one of the most frustrating pieces of home-based, individual learning is that when questions arise, there is no one to ask. Live DARe trainings leave plenty of time for individual questions related to therapy-based practices or individual experiences so that you can expand your personal growth and support healing in your clients.

Our DARe Live Training Schedule

For more information or to speak with one of our Attachment experts, contact help@dianepooleheller.com.