I’m writing from the airport as I’m waiting to board a plane back to USA, after a full teaching schedule in Italy… and I just cannot miss sharing with you about the weekly date with the Nicabm series, as it approaches an issue that many of my students have often been asking me about.

When a client comes to us in the wake of a life-changing diagnosis, they often feel overwhelmed and afraid.

So what can we do to help relieve their suffering in such circumstances?

According to Joan Halifax, PhD, simply bearing witness is one of the most beneficial ways that we can respond to a client dealing with a serious prognosis.

That’s why she developed an intervention to help practitioners cultivate more presence and compassion in their work, and you can find out more about it during NICABM’s free webinar with Joan this Wednesday – just click here to sign up.

Here’s a look at some of the topics they’ll be covering:

  • Why Practitioners Need to Regulate Their Own Response to Suffering in Order to Help Their Patients
  • An Exercise in Becoming Grounded:  How to Prime Attention, Equanimity, and Strength
  • Why a “Perfect Death” is Unrealistic
  • Healing Fictions: What They Are and How They Structure Lives and Affect Treatment
  • The Art of Sitting with Not Knowing
  • Looking Past Our Biases to Serve With Openness
  • I hope you won’t miss out on this free webinar with Joan Halifax.

Here’s the link where you can sign up.

Or, you can register for a Gold Membership to get all 6 webinars in the series, 3 bonus sessions, plus downloadable videos, audio recordings, and transcripts for each.

Please be sure and check it all out.




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