The Mindfulness and Psychotherapy program featuring Ronald Siegel, PsyD will only be available until midnight tonight through NICABM, so wanted to send a reminder for those interested in this topic.

Ron is really a sensitive compassionate soul who I have witnessed sharing his magic, and practical, keys to deep exploration of our deep inner experience.

We have connected personally at conferences and meetings where his genuineness has really touched me and the audience and inspired all of us to take the time to drop out of the chaos of daily life and drop into the well of stillness inside. Getting support fro my practice always helps me and I like getting some more insight into helping my clients find more peace too- especially since mindfulness supports out prefrontal cortex development and supports social engagement and quiets a fearful amygdala.

Ron has great aids to restore and be rescued from my”monkey mind” and I have a really active one swinging from the trees of too many demands and competing responsibilities! If this is also relevant to you I sincerely recommend Ron as he is the real thing and I know he walks his talk!

According to NICABM, here’s what they’ll be covering in the program:

• Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship
• Developing Therapeutic Presence
• Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
• Teaching Mindfulness to Patients
• Empirically Validated Mindfulness-Based Treatments
• Treating Depression and Anxiety Disorders
• Working with Experiential Avoidance
• Treating Chronic Pain and Psychophysiological Disorders
• Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

Here’s the link again so you can check it out now.



PS Registration for this program will only be open until tonight at midnight EDT, and I hope you won’t miss out – just click here to take a look now.