Interested in being an affiliate for one of my upcoming programs in 2019? Please contact my marketing director at [email protected]

April 2019 – Therapy Mastermind Circle 6-month module on Shame from April through September (mail date: March 16-25)

On March 15th, we begin the launch for a 6-month module in our Therapy Mastermind Circle on brand NEW material: Shame: Healing Hidden Wounds. As you may recall, Therapy Mastermind Circle (TMC) is a thriving, 3-year-old online community of therapists and healers where we study a variety of themes through the lens of Attachment, Connection, Relationships and Trauma. I am very excited ab out this all-new module because this is such a relevant and hot topic right now.

Commission for affiliate sales of this course is two full months of the subscription fee, i.e., $134.00 each enrollment.

May 2019 – Sexual Trauma collaboration with Peter Levine (Mail date: April 16-23)

At the end of April, we will open enrollment to another exciting collaboration with Peter Levine. Last year’s course was incredibly popular, and I expect this year to be no exception. Peter will be hosting two live calls for this course so participants will get to interact with him and ask their questions directly! Diane will be providing additional live calls on this important topic.

September 2019 – Healing Trauma Summit (Mailing date: Sept 1-15)

This will be an online summit similar to the one I hosted last year on Couples. Proposed speakers include – David Grand, Stephen Porges, Lisa Ferenz, Deborah Dana, Bonnie Mark-Goldstein, Peter Levine, and Ron Siegel. The Affiliate fee is 35% for one mailing and 50% for two. One affiliate made over $5,900 in affiliate fees(!) on top of their presenter fees for the Attachment Summit, so if you know this topic is a good fit for your list, this is a great one to mail for in late August or September!

September 2019 – Therapy Mastermind Circle 6-month module on Healing Strategies for Grief and Severe Loss

September through March is still in the planning stages but will most likely be 6 months on Healing Strategies for Grief and Severe Loss.) Launch will be in August.