In this turbulent upheaval caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), more people than ever are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma due to the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic.

Fears around becoming ill, or caring for a sick family member, can escalate pre-existing mental health conditions. Add the stress of potential loss of employment, and mental health becomes a daily battle.

It’s not the time to discontinue therapy. Here are some reasons to make your mental health a priority.

#1 You Can Book Phone or Online Sessions

Many of us have opted for self-isolation to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Your therapist can arrange telephone or online sessions to protect your health (and theirs) by limiting physical contact. Therapy can be just as effective via telephone!

Single people and the elderly might struggle the most from the lack of human contact. Even extroverted and social individuals, having family contact at home might fall short of meeting the natural human need to connect with others. Therapy can help create an action plan for staying in touch and building support systems to remain in touch with friends and family.

#2 Mental Health Support During a Stressful Time

All you have to do is tune into the media to feel the palpable fear spreading across the world. A pandemic like coronavirus impacts nearly every aspect of life. Even getting the products you need to stay healthy and feed the family can become a part-time job, especially when caring for the elders or children.

Having a therapist to guide you through fear-reducing exercises and to talk through this unfamiliar territory is invaluable.

#3 Mental Healthcare Is Not a Luxury Item

When our financial futures are uncertain, it is reasonable to start cutting back on extra expenses. Mental healthcare is indeed healthcare, however, and should be considered essential. You would not stop taking your medication. Your therapy sessions are medication for your well-being. Skipping even a few sessions can undo hard-earned progress.

Rather than canceling therapy, opting for a session or two fewer each month can reduce costs while still giving you regular sessions to keep your progress on track.

#4 Self-Isolation or Quarantine Can Cause Depression and Anxiety

By now, some people have been in self-isolation for a week or more. With social distancing as an essential aspect of staying healthy, the mind can begin to spiral. Your therapist can help you practice mindfulness and calming exercises to combat depression and anxiety.

#5 Too Much Together Time Can Strain Families

Even the most loving families can have too much time together. Couples may begin to find fault with each other, become annoyed, or even find themselves arguing over things they would usually overlook.

Since kids are doing online learning, the typical eight-hour break from the chaos can start to drive even the most patient parents crazy. Having regular therapy sessions during the coronavirus pandemic will help you keep your self-care at the forefront instead of shifting your focus entirely away from your own needs.

You and your partner may even benefit from having couples therapy sessions together to learn to balance alone time with together time – all while spending 24 hours per day under one roof.

If you’re concerned about maintaining your therapy sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak, contact your therapist to make an arrangement that supports your mental health through these challenging times.

Stay and be well, friends.