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  • Lecture: The teaching is supported by audio/visual slide presentations, spanning a variety of relevant topics including attachment research, neuroscience, as well as valuable studies and experiential techniques from many integrative psychotherapeutic orientations.
  • Didactic Support Materials: Manuals, charts, and other course supplemental tools are issued to each student. Training DVDs are also available through our online resource library.
  • Homework Assignments: Study exercises will be provided, designed to facilitate application of course content into your life and practice.
  • Practice Groups with Coaching: Both large and small practice groups offer opportunities to practice clinical applications, receive personal feedback, explore topics in depth, and ask didactic and technical questions.
  • Video: Demonstrations and examples of client sessions to illustrate teaching points.
  • Experiential Demonstration: Teachers demonstrate techniques through role-play, interactions with students, and live or recorded demos of client sessions.
  • Experiential Exercises: Guided meditations and exercises that include role-play, interactions within the relational field, use of somatic strategies, and intra-psychic processing are designed to give students the opportunity to practice techniques.
  • DVD Library: Extensive DVD library of SE and DARe client sessions is available for purchase online; discounts and promotional packages are offered to students.
  • Feedback: Instructors and coaching assistants will monitor, assess, and support students’ skills during class exercises.
  • Partner/Small Group Assignments: Student dyads or small groups will work together to practice elements of the method.
  • Recommended Study Groups with Peers or Facilitators: Practice groups greatly enhance each participant’s skill level and we highly recommend that you meet monthly in-person or via Skype to practice exercises and connect to clarify your understanding of the material. When assistants, facilitators, or teachers are included, for an agreed upon fee, feedback can also be given to expand therapists’ skills and provide consultation for clinical application.

Prior to the Training, each student receives access to a Training Manual and other didactic support materials for each module. The Manual illustrates the topics, theory, and exercises presented at each training and contains a bibliography of additional reading/media resources. As an option, we recommend that you purchase and review the related DVDs for each module (will be greatly discounted if purchased at registration).

Each student is asked to practice key elements of the method by pairing up with another student, or working in small groups, (during the training, outside of the training, or both). We highly recommend staying with the same group throughout the entire course, as this practice will give students the chance to receive consistent feedback over time as well as deepen relationships. To assist in the integration of DARe skills and methodology into clinical practice, group consultation is provided by the teacher during class to answer students’ questions on how to integrate theory and interventions into their existing practices.