5 Reasons Why Coronavirus Should Not Stop Your Therapy Sessions

In this turbulent upheaval caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), more people than ever are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma due to the uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic. Fears around becoming ill, or caring for a sick family member, can escalate pre-existing mental health conditions. Add the stress of potential loss of employment, and mental [...]

The 8 Habits of Highly Successful Therapists

HABIT #1 Embodying Compassion. It all starts with love and compassion. The best therapists deeply empathize with their clients. They also have much self-love for their own history and self journey. HABIT #2 The Discipline to Do What You Do Best. Those who rise to the top of any field, often focus on a specific type of work or [...]

13 Tips to Properly Greet Our Clients

If any of you have attended my conference presentations or live trainings, you know I always start my presentation at the door. I make it a special point to greet participants from the “get-go” with a handshake and good eye contact. I introduce myself and ask for the person’s name and repeat it. We are all [...]

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