My first spiritual teacher, Laurel Keyes, used to say that teaching was like “offering cookies on a plate.” She said you put together the very best ingredients you can find, bake up a batch and offer them generously. Folks could pick out the ones they liked and leave the rest behind. This was not just a [...]

Helping Clients cope with a Life-Changing Diagnosis

I’m writing from the airport as I’m waiting to board a plane back to USA, after a full teaching schedule in Italy… and I just cannot miss sharing with you about the weekly date with the Nicabm series, as it approaches an issue that many of my students have often been asking me about. When a [...]

Video: Kind Eyes – We Are Designed to Connect!

“Beam a Gleam!” A “gleam” or “Gleaming” is the word that describes the special look we send when we greet someone special to us! Imagine showing up at a friend’s house unexpectedly and they open the door and immediately show an authentic delight to see you there. That is a “Gleam Beam”! See the effect it [...]

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