Avoidant and Disorganized Attachment – Q&A with Diane

We often hear questions in our Facebook groups or email from practitioners looking to help their clients more effectively. Our team felt compelled to share the following question about avoidant and disorganized attachment and Diane’s answer to demonstrate the level of support we provide one another in our Facebook groups.  While Diane cannot respond to every [...]

Discharging “Bound” Energy [Watch This!]

It's true, when we are overwhelmed this energy of ours gets "locked down." The key is in "discharging" the once bound energy. Watch Somatic Experiencing pioneer Peter Levine as he demonstrates his popular Slinky presentation and discusses the enormous effects trauma has on the nervous system, and how he approaches treating trauma. "When you are suppressing energy, you don't have energy to really live, [...]

Eye Gaze Exercise

Multitasking might not be not as desirable a skill as we are led to believe. Many people are proud of their ability to multitask, but maybe not such a great thing. It’s bad for the brain and interferes with our ability to truly focus. Research from Stanford University revealed that people who multitask are less efficient [...]

5 Clinical Ideas to Bring Implicit Encoding to Explicit Integration

One of the great challenges, when working with early Attachment patterns we all accumulate in childhood, is that we are working in the territory of implicit memory which is pre-verbal, non-conceptual, and sub-psychological. How do we excavate this type of memory that is encoded in the body and not in the mind? – because mind was [...]

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