3 Reasons to Attend DARe Live Trainings This Summer

We scheduled three of our four DARe live trainings this summer, including DARe 1: Healing Early Attachment Wounds, the prerequisite for all other DARe trainings. These summer courses occur quickly in succession to make travel convenient for our participants. With the availability of DVD and online coursework, attending live trainings may seem unnecessary. Live trainings do, [...]

What Is DARe?

DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience) is a series of live or recorded programs designed to help individuals and therapists gain a competent understanding of Attachment theory, Attachment disruptions, and healing methods to repair Attachment injury and trauma. DARe consists of four modules. The first module is a pre-requisite for all others because it contains the foundational [...]

Five Fun (& Free!) Ways to Connect with Your Partner

Long-term romantic relationships often end up in the complacency lane on life’s highway. Connection remains important and steering your partnership back to an intimate place does not necessarily require a grand gesture such as an island vacation. Try one of these easy (and free) ways to reconnect with your beloved to restore that feeling of closeness. [...]

Video Blog: Exploring Ambivalent Attachment Online and in Live Trainings

When you want to take your knowledge about Attachment a bit deeper, we offer ongoing training through the Therapy Mastermind Circle (TMC), which is open now for enrollment. This is an online global program that you can easily fit into your busy family and professional schedule, on your own time. We feature world-class expert speakers, monthly [...]

[What are] 3 Myths of Working with Attachment Styles?

Hello, I want to say thank you to all of those who watched the previous videos in my free series on the Power of Attachment. This is the third and final video and will only be available for the next few days. And if you missed one of the previous ones, you’ll also have the opportunity to view The [...]

Special Message from Diane

Hi Friends, I want to share a short message with you about some trainings I am developing. Thought it would be a little more personal to do a short video. Hope you enjoy it. Warmly, Diane

Mastering Relational Skills and Restoring Secure Attachment for your Clients

When we come to understand early attachment styles in a healthy environment today, the original imprints that are the foundation of a self-protective ego structure can be healed so that our clients can be more in contact with their intrinsic core intactness and enjoy fulfilling relationships embodying their Authentic Self.  This comprehensive workshop embraces Body, Bonding [...]

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