9 Quick Start Tips for Integrating “Disorganized” Into Your Practice

QUICK START TIPS and Goals for Integrating Module 4(DISORGANIZED/DISORIENTED/TYPE D) Into Your Lifeand PracticeGoals: Safety First Then Mobilization from Immobilization ASAP! Installing a “Competent Protector”: Watch this Cougar vs. Bear Cub video  It helps to reinforce the reality of “protective energy” to remind the client that ultimately the baby bear will be alright (There's an excellent surprise [...]

Integrating or “Disintegrating” the Experience of Anger or Fear

One of  the  things  that I  find interestingly  helpful when somebody is really stuck in what I call a "rage  cycle"  and I mean really stuck  in  it, is to  ask  them, “Is this Integrating for you or is it Disintegrating?”   And, so far   almost  everybody  has  been  able  to  answer  that question. If  they [...]

Module 4-1: Intro to Disorganized Attachment (Disoriented or Type D)

Overview of Secure, Avoidant and Ambivalent It’s important to understand Avoidant and Ambivalent before we jump into Disorganized because it’s actually kind of a combination of both of those disturbances. Think of Secure Attachment as modulated - kind of "in the middle" where you have some yearning to bond but also some comfortable autonomy, and neither [...]

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