Attachment Parenting – Parents and Attachment

It’s amazing how quickly the awareness of Attachment theory, and specifically Attachment parenting, is growing. Try typing in #attachmentparenting and see how many results you get. Attachment parenting is a wonderful way to approach healthy childhood development, but what about parents’ Attachment needs? It will be more effective to address your own Attachment wounds first. By [...]

How Mistakes Can Help Your Child’s Development

Raising a perfect child is impossible – almost as impossible as being the perfect parent. Here is why your child’s mistakes are an essential part of their development. Parenting and Secure Attachment Secure Attachment depends upon both connection and time away from their caregiver. This ebb and flow develops resiliency and grit. If you notice when [...]

3 Steps to Becoming the Perfect Parent Despite Your Attachment Injury

We all want to be Super Parents and give our kids everything they need to ensure a successful future. This pressure you place on yourself can have a negative impact on your stress level, undermining your ultimate goal. If you have past trauma or Attachment injury, this can double the pressure to do everything right because [...]

Video: Kind Eyes – We Are Designed to Connect!

“Beam a Gleam!” A “gleam” or “Gleaming” is the word that describes the special look we send when we greet someone special to us! Imagine showing up at a friend’s house unexpectedly and they open the door and immediately show an authentic delight to see you there. That is a “Gleam Beam”! See the effect it [...]

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