10 DVDs (42 hrs), CD, Manual

In this comprehensive series, Diane Poole Heller Ph.D., author, therapist and master trainer, integrates four dynamic approaches to heal trauma and unlock our inherent passion, joy and aliveness.


  • Somatic Experiencing Relative to Attachment Styles
  • Healing Attachment Wounds (This section is the same series as the ASA DVD Series: Healing Attachment Wounds)
  • Ambivalent
  • Avoidant
  • Disorganized
  • Resolving Victim/Perpetrator Dynamics (included in the ASA series)
  • Trauma and Spirituality

Dr. Heller demonstrates that, when integrated and metabolized, suffering can actually serve us by being a powerful catalyst to become freer, more mature human beings while also providing an enriching, new paradigm for the expansion of consciousness.

This intensive course will benefit both experienced spiritual seekers and trauma therapists/students who are looking for new ways to transform the constrictive patterns that may be encountered in either field. Going beyond both conventional paradigms in therapies and spiritual teachings, this material shares practical ways to recover from overwhelming life experiences and use them as a doorway to expanded spiritual awareness.

Ten DVDs – 42 hours of Lectures, Presentations, Exercises, and Live Demonstrations of the techniques introduced

The companion CD includes a Manual with a full outline of the course, definitions, skills, narratives and teaching points of 9 live demonstrations of the techniques, plus additional resources