Double Demos with Biofeedback (4 hrs on 1 DVD)

(DVD includes Biofeedback monitors in split screen reflecting heart rate variability and activation of the SNS and PNS and balancing between them in addition to full screen visual of session.)

F1a Sue (CO) ©2004 Bungee Jump Gone Wrong. Sue leapt off a bridge feet-first instead of head first and snapped violently at the bottom of the fall.  She can only remember the beginning of the event and had no recall of getting to shore or walking up the stairs to the bridge again to meet her friend.  She exhibits strong dissociation and loss of grounding from dangling in space above the river.  She recovers through emphasis on grounding, “controlled dissociation” and corrective experiences.  Sue integrates her awareness, in a titrated fashion through the T-0 point of intensity of the fall, to regain a felt sense of her survival and reconnection to gravity and the shore afterward.

F1b Leslie  (CO) ©2004. Leslie has been told that she was left in a stroller at the top of the stairs as an infant and the stroller crashed to the bottom.  She works through the sensation of the fall in slow motion and resources by “softening” the impact as a corrective experience.  This session is a good example of working through non-verbal impressions and recovering empowerment from helplessness. Please disregard bio-feedback