DARe – Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience

Help clients return to their core intactness as they rediscover and embody Secure Attachment

Total: 9.25 hours with:

•   Live lectures and exercises

•   4 Demos

Learn to:

•   Repair ruptured boundaries to enhance a sense of personal safety

•   Uncouple two major psycho-biological instinctive drives – the need to attach and the need to survive threat – that become interwoven, thus interfering with the health and functioning of both systems

•   Revive embodied aliveness, as high arousal states causing dissociation are cleared and discharged

•   Create appropriate therapeutic empathy and avoid misuse of empathy when it triggers disintegration

•   Help clients complete the fight/flight or freeze responses in a way that creates lasting empowerment

•   Resolve relational approach/avoidance stuckness that may linger in the psyche long after the original scary or confusing family dynamics are over

•   Differentiate victim-perpetrator fusion to allow the experience of the untainted self

•   Understand Savior, Incompetent Protector, and Perpetrator Trauma Transference; and understand how they may affect your therapeutic relationship.