Enlivening  Intimacy, Sensuality, and Sexuality has been one of our most sought-after programs — and we’ve NOW made it streamable.  

In this course, Diane provides an overview in a three-day workshop on how to increase connection and rekindle your sex life. Diane explains the characteristics of secure, avoidant, disorganized, and ambivalent attachment styles and how these dynamics impact our relationship styles with ourselves and our intimate partners.

Through lectures and exercises, you will learn tools to understand and identify early attachment wounds and reclaim the sacredness of sexuality and sensuality. 

Real-life client demos help you see Diane’s work in action with each of the attachment styles.

An Approach to Intimacy with Self, Others, and Beingness: Special Topic 1 explores how to untangle four complex dynamics that interfere with intimacy. These four dynamics are:

  • Healing trauma through ANS regulation and social engagement
  • Restoring healthy bonding and relaxation in the Relational Field by correcting attachment disruptions
  • Integrating the sexual instinct into safety and sacredness
  • Enhancing a deep sense of Being through mindfulness, presence and embodiment.

Packed with exciting exercises for individuals as well as couples, this workshop is designed to identify and release painful patterns, recognize specific attachment styles and apply corresponding corrective antidotes. This work serves to enliven significant relationships with sensuality, clarity, and fun.

  1. Explore “Life Review”: How does your sexual history impact your current intimate relationships?  
  2. Gender Identity: What are your expectations of the interplay between gender roles in adult relationships? 
  3. Heart/Genital Split: How does the split between love and sexuality manifest in your relationships through distance, denial, or affairs? 
  4. Sacred Sexuality: How do you protect and honor yourself and your partner as a sexual being?