DVD, ~1 hour with 30–45 min discussion included

DAR3 NB4 CHA – from the New DARe 3: The Neurobiology of Loving Relationships (2012) DEMO: Impaired autonomy and performance.

Cha shares her story of self-sabotaging behaviors in her work activities, which are causing failure to succeed professionally and thrive financially.

She recounts an episode with a wealthy relative when she was 18: grandmother using her affluence to narcissistic purposes, young girl suggesting to use wealth to support the poor, and the subsequent forceful and painful rejection by grandma.

The corrective experience sees the positive use of anger, as embodying life force and cathartic instrument.
An intrapsichic space is made available where Cha can allow herself to “push grandma out”.
A very empowering feeling of strength, connectedness, and integrated aliveness brings Cha back to her whole and healthy Self in the present.