DVD, ~1 hour with 30–45 min discussion included (session with & without biofeedback)

Lubby struggles with an exaggerated startle response that wakes her up in terror as soon as she relaxes into sleep.  We discover that this is a trauma re-enactment pattern following the actual car accident where she went unconscious after impact.  She experiences a frozenness and lack of aliveness common to the Dorsal Vagal Response and feels she is in a “close to” death state.  She integrates much of this over coupling of the high impact shock of intense impact with the falling unconscious or sleeplike state.  We also help her feel and complete her startle response that she may not have had time to feel during the accident.  She is relieved of this nightly symptom for a week and will get continued treatment.  (DVD includes Biofeedback monitors in split screen reflecting heart rate variability and activation of the SNS and PNS and balancing between them in addition to full screen visual of session.)