DVD, ~1 hour with 30 – 45 min discussion included

This male client was abused sexually at the age of 5 by a 17 yr old young woman.  Afraid to trust others and feeling unsafe physically, he felt the need to remain hidden and to disconnect from relationships.

Teaching Points:

  • Re-establishing a sense of safety in his body alone and while with others
  • Corrective Experience to fill in a missing resource: Installing a competent protective ally who could explain what happened around the unwanted sexual stimulation as well as gender issues.  This ally helps him understand that this event was not his fault.
  • Reversing the immobilization he felt by freeze-framing the woman behind a “fence in the Swiss alps”.  She can’t move but he can.
  • Initiating self-protective responses – saying “NO” and pushing away to establish and repair broken boundaries and restore a sense of empowerment.
  • Facilitating the experience of deep relaxation, restfulness and embodied lightness. His vision also became more congruent.

Natural forgiveness emerges as he reconnects to his own innocence and heartfulness.  He regains serenity and happiness.