ASD-DIS 2: PAVI. Childhood Abuse, Fear of Others, Self Hatred and Inability to Trust

(ASA SERIES) DVD, ~1 hour inc. 30–45 min.



(ASA SERIES) DVD, ~1 hour inc. 30–45 min.

Pavi experienced a childhood with physical and emotional abuse. Consequently she is fearful of being with other people, filled with self-hatred and inability to trust others. During the session, she notices one friend she can trust in the group as a resource. When Pavi feels the presence of this safe person, along with the sense of safety that Presence creates in her body, Pavi’s hyper-vigilant activation decreases and calms.

Understandably, we discover highly mobilized energy in her arms that initially becomes tingly aliveness. Pavi is able to self-soothe and self-regulate. Soon more activation shows up in constricted shoulder muscles. We look for evoking and completing self-protective movements through distancing the original threat. We reverse the immobilization by freezing the threat instead of allowing her body to become paralyzed. She experiences tremendous relief and feels her own body is her greatest resource.

Pavi experiences her history of abuse falling off her back and shoulders. She continues to work on the activation triggered by an upcoming visit with her Mother for the holidays. We work to repair weak boundaries behind her back that were related to that troublesome relationship.

Most significantly, Pavi emerges from living in the chronically stuck threat response long after the original threats from an abusive childhood have passed. Pavi realizes she has a completely different experience of the world as she feels safer and reclaims her sense of empowerment and resilience.

Teaching Points:

  1. Emphasizing the appropriateness of Pavi’s protective energy brought in the felt sense, reinforced by installing the Competent Protector.
  2. Reducing hyper-vigilance and enhancement of a sense of safety with someone present in the room as a relational resource engenders trust as an antidote to the recurring deep betrayal from an abusive childhood.
  3. Giving the client distance from the threat and reversing immobilization support safety and relief. This also gives space for self-protective movements and defenses to arise and complete.

Repairing the boundary rupture from previous intrusions results is her feeling her history fall off her back. Once relieved of threat response, she enjoys a completely different experience of the world.

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